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Mission Statement

K&B Engineering is devoted to an abiding concept of business integrity realized
through cutting edge execution. The tireless pursuit of our clients' interests
creates the currency of investment in our future. The tools we bring to this task
go far beyond our proven expertise and skill sets. We value our relationships—
with clients, with staff, and with the jurisdictions and utilities that review our
clients' plans. We will get the job done—accurately, elegantly, and on time—
enhancing both our reputation and our clients' alike.

Customer Service- Our product is not independent of our customers' needs;
it is defined by them.
Quality- K&B Engineering maintains a laser focus on consistency, accuracy,
and clarity.
Integrity- Our aim is to build solid relationships through discretion, honesty and
transparent communication with our clients.
Innovation- To develop creative solutions to clients' problems through our
experience and expertise.
Safety- Our employees receive periodic updates on secure field procedures
designed for their protection and public safety.